The1727 Fashion Dress

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The1727 Spring/Summer 2011 Collection (5)

The1727 Vintage Jersey Tiered Empire Dress with Belt

Tiered Jersey dress, with a belt on in the same color, high-waisted empire silhouette with loose skirt, especially flattering to pear shapes wishing to disguise the stomach area or emphasize the bust. Available in: S, M, L. Coming Soon on our store.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The1727 Spring/Summer 2011 Collection (4)

The1727 Rococo Elegance Flower Embellished Dress

Simple and smooth silhouette, embellished with delicate handmade flowers in different sizes on waist and gold buttons on shoulders, it is definitely an emphasis of our Rococo style. 

Fabric: Chiffon
Length: 81cm(S), 82cm(M), 83cm(L)
Shoulder: 43cm(S), 44cm(M), 45cm(L)
Bust: 88cm(S), 92cm(M), 96cm(L) 
Available in: S, M, L at, coming soon. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The1727 Spring/Summer 2011 Collection (3)

The1727 Limited Edition One Shoulder Nordic Print Chiffon Dress
Limited edition Nordic print, asymmetric one shoulder, flutter sleeve with extended frills... romance and sweet
Available in: S, M, L.
Fabric: Chiffon

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The1727 Spring/Summer 2011 Collection (2)

Today, I would like to introduce you the1727 Vintage Polka Dot Ruffled Chiffon Jumpsuit. Have a look at the product image first!

Exclusive high quality crease-resistant chiffon jumpsuit, drawstring sleeves, extended frills, sheared waist with sash. Sky blue with vintage polka dots.

I have to say it is a MUST HAVE style, FULL OF LIFE. 

Available in: S, M, L at our online clothing store.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The1727 Spring/Summer 2011 Collection (1)

Here comes our first product: The1727 Elegant Pink Chiffon Ruffed Tank Dress
It is a chic chiffon tank dress, with sash that can be tied in bow at the back.Sophisticated romantic ruffles in pale pink spread all over. Just imagine how elegant you would be with this dainty one-piece
Fabric: Chiffon

Some Questions about

We’ve gotten many feedbacks from customers since was up for registration. First of all, thanks for all concern and supports. We are struggling to do better.
Here I would like to answer some questions that customers want to know. 
1.       When will be completely up? will be totally up by mid-May, 2011. It is a conservative estimate. Maybe you are able to purchase our clothing at the beginning of May. We will get the site up as soon as possible, delicately instead of carelessly. 
2.       What kinds of clothing does offer? sells French style women’s clothing made in high quality fabrics and some of them coming with exquisite handmade details. In general, clothing from is elegant, perfectly fit dainty women. My words are poor to describe our products. Just see the product images in our Spring/Summer 2011 Collection which will be updated continually.
3.       How may I know result of the program? Such as who win the game, whether I win award as a referrer or referee.
The winners will be announced on 9th May. You can come back to check out our website. We'll send email announcements to all registered members on 9th May as well. Please rest assured that our program is just, fair and open.

At least, hope you have a pleasant journey with

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who will be Our Lucky 1000th Member?

We are looking for our lucky 1000th member. Are you the Lucky one? 

From 13th April to 6th May, when you register with us on, your sequence number will show up on the screen after the registration is completed. Congratulations if your sequence number is 1000th, you are the 1000th member we are looking for, and you will get LIFELONG free shipping with and $500 cash award which can be used without any limits on

If you see other numbers on your screen, maybe the 1st, 200th, 500th or 800th, anyway, don't be discouraged. You may also get rewarded. Just share this program with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Email, and other share buttons. If the people you referred is the lucky one, then you will be rewarded. Even if you are not the direct referrer, you will get rewarded too. For example, you share our program with A, A share it with B, B share it with C and so forth, if C is the lucky 1000th one, you, A and B will all rewarded. 

As shown in illustration, in this program, all referrers and referees related to this 1000th customer could be awarded free shipping for first orders and $75 cash award. Cash award will be directly deposited into user's account on, and can be used without any limit. You can use cash award together for one order or separetely for several orders. All winners can get at least one fashion dress from, coming with free shipping. Funny? Join Now!

At last, hope you are the 1000th one, or the lucky one related to the 1000th one.

Monday, April 11, 2011 is Coming!

The year 1727 represented the height of Rococo development in France. We are a dedicated group of fashion devotees who work in the apparel industry. We want to bring you grace and elegance, but not make you dull at the same time with some sweet elements.

Let’s have a very early sneak peek at what we are offering.

If you are feminine and dainty but can not afford a full wardrobe of expensive big designer brand clothing. If you like independent brands and private labels which are provided in limited quantities with exquisite handmade details and high quality fabrics. You are definitely the one that we are looking for.

Just wonder how dainty you could be with these romantic French Style pieces!