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Monday, May 30, 2011

Clarification about iPad 2 Giveaway

Recently, we got a customer's inquirement about iPad 2 giveaway on the livechat. We felt very strange because we never giveaway iPad 2. After an in-depth investigation, we found that there were links to our store under some Youtube videos about attractive giveaways such as Nintendo 3DS Giveaway and iPad 2 Giveaway. And we found that the publisher comes from a cost-per-click advertising platform. We as an advertiser once created a campaign about our weekly deal which had been paused. Now we have submit a dispute to the platform and contact the publisher directly to get the crooked promotion stop. 

Here I would like to make an apology to all customers who were misled by the crooked promotion. Although it was not published by ourselves, it is our neglect on supervision. Sorry again. Please remember we never giveaway iPad 2 and Nintendo 3DS. We once giveaway dress and $20 credits on Falttery fashion blog.

By the way, I had to say this kind of publishers should be criticized and punished because of crooked promotion to earn money from the advertiser and mislead customers.

The event resulted in a bad influence on our reputation. We reserve the right to sue the publisher. 

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